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Harley Street Healthcare Clinic

Harley Street Healthcare Clinic with Unique Medical Supplies

Harley Street Healthcare Clinic Skin Re-vive Liquid contains the most extensively researched Collagen peptides available in the market.

High strength and rich in Marine collagen & hyaluronic acid.

These premium products are superior to what is currently available on the market.

Harley Street Healthcare Clinic Products

Unique Medical Supplies - Wholesale Providers

All Harley Street Healthcare Clinic (HSHC) products are clinically researched compositions formulated by our professional team of Doctors and recommended by many famous Medical practitioners and researchers in Harley street.

HSHC products are made in the UK using only branded active ingredients sourced from France, Germany and the UK, our quality work takes place in a state of the art laboratory and manufacturing facilities.

HSHC exclusive manufacturing partner is a proud member of the HFMA The British Health Food Manufacturers Association and works under strict GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practice), HACCP, GHP, ISO 1721 Codex Alimentarius standards for distribution and manufacturing of nutritional supplements. Medicare Europe is awarded an ISO 22716:2007 certificate for GMP Good Manufacturing Practice and Distribution of cosmetics.

HSHC new product research and development team is led by our clinical director Professor of Chemistry and Cosmetology with over 35-year experience in Research & Development of new product formulations, our senior QA director is a Professor of Chemistry and Cosmetology with over 25 years' experience in production, our QC Msc Chemical Engineer and our QC Regulatory affairs Msc Pharmacist with over 15 years' experience in R&D and regulatory issues.

Harley Street Healthcare Clinic’s manufacture the highest quality nutritional supplements and cosmetics exclusively for Harrods Pharmacy, Harley St. Health Care clinic, Hayat pharmacies, Lloyd's pharmacies and many more corporations.

Skin Re-Vive Marine Collagen Cream & hyaluronic acid

Unique Medical Supplies - Wholesale Providers

Clinically proven to:

  • Support Skin Health
  • Prevent deep wrinkle formation
  • Increase skin suppleness
  • Increase skin hydration
  • Significantly reduce skin dryness
  • Improve Skin restructuring
  • Improve Skin firmness and elasticity

Ideal for:

  • Skin regeneration, firmness & elasticity
  • Great for aftercare aesthetic treatments
  • Excellent moisturiser post sun exposure
  • Used twice a day this cream offers optimum skin hydration
  • Age 30+ an excellent night cream for anyone concerned about aging and wrinkle formation
  • Age 40+ an optimum anti-aging solution
  • Nutritional rich perfect moisturiser and anti-aging solution for men

Skin Re-Vive Marine Collagen Liquid & hyaluronic acid supplement

Better skin, hair & nails from within

Unique Medical Supplies - Wholesale Providers

Skin Re-vive Collagen Marine Liquid contains

  • The most amount of marine Collagen and four times the amount of Hyaluronic Acid compared to other products in the market.
  • Up to 20 times more collagen than any capsule or tablet in the market. Studies show that liquids can have up to 50% better and faster abortion when compared to tablets or capsules. Liquids can be absorbed up to 98% in the blood steam.
  • Vitamins B complex, magnesium and Vitamin C which help the formation of elastin and natural collagen.

Clinically proven to:

  • Support Skin Health
  • Prevent deep wrinkle formation
  • Increase skin suppleness
  • Increase skin hydration and Significantly reduces skin dryness
  • Improve Skin restructuring, Skin firmness and elasticity
  • Promotes Healthy Hair, joints and strong nails

Ideal for:

  • Anyone wanting youthful skin, hair and nails
  • Anti-aging solution anyone late 20s+ once a day.
  • Anti –aging solution late 30s+ plus twice a day for optimum results
  • Contains the most clinically trialled collagen peptides on the market as well as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Complex skin, hair and nail care from within

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